The Letter Advocate

debt settlement offer letterQuick Overview on What We Do:

We provide self help solutions to everyday situations that may arise.

Are your bills in collections,have denied medical claims,insurance company issues, past due credit accounts or any other type of concern or dispute?

The Letter Advocate’s self help solution service will craft a custom letter to help you get on track resolving your specific situation.

We deliver self-help solutions for you at a fraction of an attorneys fee.

An in-depth review for each individuals situation will be performed by our team members as you sit back, relax and await your completed custom correspondence.

Services Offered:

  • Dispute Letters for everyday issues
  • Public & Private Companies
  • Insurance Company Long or Short Term Disability Appeals
  • Bank account charge off collection dispute
  • Collection Company Response Letter Disputes
  • Past Due Credit Card Settlement Letters
  • Hospital Payment Plan Letters
  • Landlord/ Tenant Disputes
  • Tax Appeals
  • General Disputes any Business or Service
  • Home Loan default Settlement Appeal Letters
  • Almost any dispute with any Business or Service
  • Contact us to find a custom self-help solution for your situation today.

Debt Settlement Offer Letters

The Letter Advocate offers custom self-help solution services on Letters for Debt Negation, Collection or credit card Settlement. Letters start at just a fraction of an attorney’s fee. The letter advocate self-help solution service is here to help our customers be on their way to an amicable resolution for their specific situation or concern. An Offer Letter can be drafted requesting settlement of said Debt for Negation. Situations happen beyond our control at some point causing Debt to become past due.

Debt Negation Letters

It happens to everyone at some point. Bad things happen to good people through no fault of their own at times. The time to get back on track is today, taking this weight off your shoulders today with an Offer Letter requesting Debt Negation or Settlement at a fraction of what is owed. Letters will be drafted at the customer’s direction and customized to each individual’s specific situation.

IRS problems have you down? The Letter Advocate will draft Letters requesting compromise and settlement negation or payment plan at the customer’s direction.  Contact us for our self-help low cost solutions today. Don’t put off tomorrow on what you can start working towards resolving today. Resolutions always take time, so start now. Don’t wait, move on with your future and leave the past behind.  Don’t know where to begin? Let the letter advocate help get you in the right direction.

*We are not a law firm. We do not offer legal advice or opinions. Results will vary for each customer's situation. We are not a debt settlement company. The Letter Advocate®L.L.C. offers no guarantee. We offer a self-help service at your direction.